July 17-August 7, 2022

Kutztown University

Frederick Douglass Institute

UK 2022 Study Abroad

In partnership with the Institute of Black Atlantic Research,

University of Central Lancashire, Preston England

A three-week UK experience during Summer II

Week One and Five Classes will be on Zoom;

Week Two-Four Classes are in the United Kingdom.

Classes on Mondays & Wednesdays

Analyzing Text in Small Groups with UCLAN Professors

Class Trips on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Tours Conducted by Experts

On your Own to Travel on Weekends

Making New Friends and Exploring New Places

2019 KU FDI Study Abroad Experience Video:

The goal of the Frederick Douglass Institute England and Scotland Summer experience is to help students develop global multicultural competencies and a more inclusive social justice perspective.

Your Kutztown University Professors

Dr. Maria Sanelli

KU Frederick Douglass Institute Director

Teaching HIS 145: Social Justice in America

This course examines the ways in which popular movements can alter the course of history. Considers a range of social movements including the civil rights movement, feminism, and LGBTQ rights movement. While the primary focus will be on the Black experience in the United States, global movements and domestic movements around the world will also be explored.

Dr. James Jackson

KU Frederick Douglass Institute Co-Director

Teaching PSY 290 : Culture and Personality

The course is designed as an interdisciplinary survey of the field of culture and personality. The critical problem involves investigating the concepts of culture and personality and the nature of their relationship.

Our University of Central Lancashire Partners

Dr. Alan Rice, Co-Director, Institute of Black Atlantic Research (IBAR) at UCLAN facilitating the Lancaster, UK Slavery Tour
The Director of the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool speaking with Derick
Dr. Celeste-Marie Bernier, professor, author, and expert on Frederick Douglass, takes us on a Douglass tour of Edinburgh, Scotland
Local historian takes us on a walking tour of Preston

Please attend our informational Meetings via Zoom on Thursday Dec 9 at 11am or Wednesday Dec 15 at 4pm.

Let us know if you'll be attending!

Write to fdouglass@kutztown.edu

The University of Central Lancashire


Preston, England, UK

We study at the University of Central Lancashire to partner with the Institute of Black Atlantic Research. Preston, England is located on the Northern line. We have an easy commute to Edinburgh Scotland, Liverpool and Manchaster, England. Our classes take place in Livesy House on the UCLAN campus. We will double up and stay at the International Hotel in Preston.